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We inspire action through science

Winning is a consulting firm with a global view: to apply scientific thinking and scientific methods to business challenges.

Established in 2012, with a decade of existence with continuous growth.

Spreaded over 4 offices and client sites: a team of more than 200 professionals that is broad in capabilities and experience.

More than 350 clients over the years: a client base broad in sectors, dimensions, and functions.

Our service lines are targeted to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients’ business challenges.


We identify, apply and generate scientific knowledge to solve our clients’ toughest management challenges.


We gather the state of the art academic and scientific knowledge to increase our clients capabilities and competencies.


We help our clients extend their teams with certified and continuously learning professionals.


We develop scientific research regarding emerging management topics both for (i) our thought leadership and (ii) to help our clients study their realities

We apply scientific thinking and methodologies in all of our business lines



Accounting and taxation

Incentives and grants

We operate in most of the relevant industries and sectors