Challenges met

Lack of defined processes from the identification of a business idea to the implementation of the solution.

Solutions not well suited to the business needs and misaligned with the stakeholders’ objectives.

Lack of alignment and communication between the various areas of the ISD, leading to major rework of the work developed.

Absence of calculation of project benefits.

Acceptance tests performed in an ad-hoc manner and without any control/monitoring.

Our solutions

18 Workshops for surveying AS IS and defining TO BE.

18 OPL (one-page learning).

>200h of on job training and executive coaching.

Development of a robust methodology adequate to the bank’s reality, according to the best international practices of business analysis, project management and procurement.

Definition of all templates used by business analysis, project management, procurement and testing teams.

Creation of the DSI governance model.

Value proposition

Total client orientation, developing a DSI governance model fully adapted to its reality and organizational culture.

Adaptation of the methodology and work techniques, creating standardized templates adjusted to the revised processes, based on international best practices.

Awareness raising at all organizational levels, ensuring executive coaching to the involved team members.

Paradigm shift, creating and developing a culture of scientific analysis of projects and associated benefits, avoiding the use of unfounded assumptions for the estimation of benefits.