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TestBed ITeCS


Winning has just led an innovative initiative that will transform the field of Digital Health.

hospital de ovar

Hospital attendance


Winning leads the way in contributing to the improvement of Health in Portugal.




Winning has built a predictive model of the dispersion and evolution of the virus.

dynamic capabilities

Project management and dynamic capabilities

Scientific Articles

The interrelationship between both and how PM leverages.

Vexillum and Winning

ISO 9001 and 10001


Winning has achieved ISO 9001 and ISO 10001 certification with Vexillum's support.

Knowledge Maturity

General maturity level analysis

Scientific Articles

Contribution to Project-Based Companies in an Open Innovation Era.

Gestão Summit 2021 Leandro -2

What leadership is all about?


The challenges of leadership in a new world and how to overcome them.

sustainability copy

Sustainability in the fashion industry

Scientific Articles

Does It Affect Consumer Choices in the Fashion Industry?

PPR Carlos Jerónimo

PRR an important economic tool

Opinion Articles

The change of the financial incentives model has to be total, aimed at the employees.

Winning's Growth

Winning's growth


The main challenge for this year is to consolidate the company's culture.

in the news 2

Pereira Problem Solving

Scientific Articles

Methodology presented provides guide to address business and management problems.

in the news 1

The New SWOT

Scientific Articles

A new SWOT analysis to fit a forward-looking sustainable world is proposed.

projeto empresarial

Projeto Empresarial - A arte de criação de valor


Add value and create competitive advantage.


COVID-19 Risk Scale


Hospital de Ovar and Winning win the 9th Edition of Sustainable Health Award.

Festivals and Events

Economic benefits of hosting a festival in a small region

Scientific Articles

Events and Festivals Contribution for Local Sustainability.

pride workplace

Drivers of organizational pride and strategy definition

Scientific Articles

How to Build Pride in the Workplace?

bc tool copy

BC Tool

Opinion Articles

Create value in your investment decisions and accelerate your real return.

estrátégia organizacional book

Estratégia Organizacional


Identification of internal resources and capabilities that are themselves advantageous.

Leandro Ignite

"What if we had a solution to all our problems?"


The main concepts and best practices of Problem-Solving.

Pereira Diamond

Make better decisions

Scientific Articles

Pereira Diamond: How to Measure Projects Economic and Social Impacts?

inovar com valor

Inovar com Valor


The explosion of the Internet and technology has transformed organizational business models.

data scientist

Data scientists

Opinion Articles

Scientific management is gaining ground in organizations and data scientists are leading the way.

winning overview

An overview on Winning

Opinion Articles

How everything started, what drives us and how far our ambitions go.

projectos de investimento público

Projectos de Investimento Público em Portugal


Factors analysis that explain poor performance, and its solutions.

challenge to create wealth

Challenge of wealth creation

Opinion Articles

It is impossible to develop a country from a continuous policy of cost reduction?

empire genetic

The fall of empires from a genetic point of view

Opinion Articles

Analysis of the risks associated with business success.

Benchmarking SA

Benchmarking of Software Production Costs

Scientific Articles

Set of recommendations to assist organizations.


Create wealth

Opinion Articles

Recommendations to all managers who are starting to prepare their budgets.

BCBOK® Business Case Body of Knowledge

BCBOK® Business Case Body of Knowledge


Management decision towards a project investment success guide.

gestão de conhecimento de projectos 2

Gestão de Conhecimento em Projetos


How organizations can implement continuous improvement processes.

como criar riqueza leandro

Como Criar Riqueza


The most elementary principle of economic return is put on the back burner.

a. genetica da inovação empresarial

A Genética Da Inovação Empresarial


Budget process is disconnected from the collective/social interest.


Revenues give life to a Budget

Opinion Articles

Change the paradigm of the approach to this important management tool.