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Cutting through the noise

Regardless of the challenge, we apply scientific thinking and methodologies to solve our clients’ business problems: unique and unrepeatable intellectual challenges.



Strategic consulting that empowers your business to thrive and adapt.

In Strategy and Innovation, we intricately craft and transform business strategies and models. Committed to innovation, we redefine supply and customer relationships, paving the way for the sustained growth and success of our clients.

Empowering decisions with tangible value, Benefits and ROI ensures that each choice yields concrete benefits for our clients through meticulous analysis, fostering long-term success.

Central to Project Management is the strategic orchestration of projects, fueling success and alignment with business needs. Through meticulous planning and seamless coordination, we consistently deliver successful outcomes.

Operations, anchored in fostering excellence and continuous improvement, ensure tracking and compliance, driving operational success and sustainable improvement to our clients.

At our core, Digital propels companies into a future marked by innovation. Navigating complexities, we offer strategic support, empowering companies to thrive in the digital landscape.

At the heart of Hyperautomation lies a commitment to encompassing processes, systems, and tools, striving to maximize efficiency. Orchestrating the automation terrain, we drive comprehensive solutions for operational excellence, marking us as a pivotal force in this area.



Talent is crucial for organizations for several compelling reasons, as it directly influences the overall success and sustainability of the business. 

Our recruitment services feature dedicated teams, each specialized in a defined methodology tailored to the specific service, marketplace/geography, and type of profile. These teams possess the flexibility and capacity to promptly address urgent hiring needs. At Winning, we implement rigorous methodologies and processes to guarantee the perfect alignment between candidates and the company, ensuring an ideal fit

Winning’s Selection service is designed to enhance the capabilities of our clients’ selection and recruitment teams. Our extensive team comprises highly qualified professionals who are certified and specialized in their respective areas of expertise.



We provide custom training solutions tailored to your organization’s specific needs. We are dedicated to giving your team the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in today’s ever-changing business world.

Unleash Operational Agility: Equip your team and PMO with dynamic strategies for project success. Our expert trainers guide you through Agile and traditional methodologies and certifications, from Srum Master to Product Owner up to PMP, PMI-ACP and PgMP, ensuring your projects, programs, and portfolios not only adapt to change but thrive in it. Elevate your management skills to drive innovation and efficiency in your important projects.

Strategic Problem Solving: Elevate your strategic thinking with our business analysis, benefits managements and consulting skills training and certifications. Immerse yourself in design thinking principles to innovate solutions. Equip yourself with the tools to analyse, consult, and think creatively, ensuring your business remains adaptable, responsive, and ahead of the curve.

Navigate Challenges with Finesse: Master the art of leading with critical moments and conflict, negotiating and develop the emotional, social and corporate intelligence. Our seasoned trainers empower you to foster collaborative relationships, diffuse tensions, and enhance decision-making. Transform conflicts into opportunities for growth, building a resilient and harmonious work environment.

Transform Data into Insights: Demystify and unlock the power of your data with our comprehensive training. From Excel and Power BI to advanced machine learning, our courses immerse you in the world of analytics. Harness the potential of decisions based on actual data, increase your effectiveness and persuasion, drive innovation, and gain a competitive edge in today’s data-driven business landscape.

Elevate Team Dynamics: Cultivate high-performance teams and executives with our customised competency-focused training. Our experienced trainers will affect the minds and the hearts of the trainees to impart attitudes, skills and practices to foster collaboration, leadership, and strategic thinking. Complement these with impact-oriented communication, storytelling and executive networking and put in place, the right way, the practices to empower and transform your team to achieve new levels of peak performance, driving organizational success in a rapidly evolving business landscape.



Incentives and grants are foundational to provide the financial means to promote growth, innovation, and sustainability. We help our clients in the process of identity, pursue and manage such funds.

Portugal 2020 and Portugal 2030

Recovery and Resilience Plan

Other grants, such as Horizon Europe, Interreg’s, EEAGrants, Portuguese Environmental Fund or PPEC 

Social grants, such as the ones provided by Portugal Social Innovation, La Caixa Foundation or Gulbenkian Foundation




Funding Project Management

Payments, Refunding and Change Requests   

Internal Funding Process Improvement

Status Reporting and Closing

Documentation Management

Funding Team Staffing and Extensions