Challenges met

The telecom operator wanted to define a new customer journey while also implementing a new CRM, and together with the new journey, the respective impacted processes and the communication involved had to be defined.

Our solutions

We organized several workshops to co-create the new customer journey, ensuring the necessary insights in terms of benchmarking and trends, and ensuring the litigation aspects of the customer journey.

Additionally, all the needs for the new CRM were detailed, with a special focus on the legal aspects, including also the respective functional analysis.

We performed a global review and standardization of all litigation-related communications.

Value proposition

The benefits for the client were the creation on time and on budget of a complex tool, which required the input of many teams and stakeholders in a project with a lot of risk, but which enabled a strengthened management capacity and relationship with the client compared to the technology in place until then.

Additionally, the client highlighted the quality and difference of Winning’s intervention in terms of the effectiveness of requirements management and change management, as well as in the definition of processes.