Challenges met

  • Resilience regarding Microsoft Project adoption, 
  • Low levels of Project Management capabilities, 
  • Reduced visibility regarding projects and portfolio status, 
  • Lack of cross project information and communication, 
  • Lack of intelligible dashboards and reports, 
  • Inefficiencies in project management, control and reporting. 

Our solutions

  • An integrated project and program management web application, 
  • 100% based on Microsoft Technologies; 
  • Simplified projects information gathering based on standard forms; 
  • Automated reporting dashboards both for programs and projects, considering broad and specific visualization options. 

Value proposition

  • All the projects within the organization, are being managed through the application; 
  • Due to its intelligible design and simplified KPI reporting, the application allowed a reduction in both time-to-inform and time-to-decided.