Challenges met

  • Stakeholders availability to provide important information, 
  • Rudimentary shopping process. Process-based on e-mails, word and excel documents, 
  • Lack of regular products and services lists, 
  • Lack of procurement database, providers are registered in a excel documents, 
  • Order approval workflow poorly defined, 
  • No order tracking available. 

Our solutions

  • An integrated project and program management web application, 
  • 100% based on Microsoft Technologies, 
  • Simplified projects information gathering based on standard forms, 
  • Records in database, 
  • Prioritization of orders based on urgency and orders date, 
  • Providers evaluation, 
  • Automatic informatics alerts for each area with the available budget. 

Value proposition

  • Shopping process well defined and standard to all areas, 
  • Ensure better providers prices and purchase conditions, 
  • Good budget control; 
  • Ensure that all products and services purchase is controlled by recourses and administration area