Challenges met

Identify the processes, systems, data, that would be the target of the migration process, as well as all the environment associated with the management of the organizational change required for the respective merger and integration.

Redefine and adapt the processes to the new reality and business strategy.

Ensuring, in total harmony with what was defined, the timings requested for the completion of the program, which required detailed, rigorous planning as well as exemplary execution and monitoring at all levels.

Our solutions

Vast multidisciplinary team, with expertise at all levels from Business Analysis, Project Management, Program Management, Testing, Change Management, PMO.

Field application of the best management practices aligned with the main international norms and standards, in order to successfully ensure all the milestones set in the planning.

Development and monitoring in the field of the main deliverables defined, such as AS-IS Analysis, TO-BE Definition, requirements, detailed planning, risk management plan, process reengineering, template definition and development, definition, implementation and monitoring of the change management plan, definition, implementation and monitoring of the test plan, definition, implementation and monitoring of the cut-over plan, definition, implementation and monitoring of the hyper care plan.

Value proposition

A plan adapted to the challenge and timings defined, allowing for the conception, design, and successful execution of a global plan and the respective appropriate operational strategy with a view to meeting the milestones defined.