Challenges met

Need to update the Project Management processes and also need to adapt these same processes for smaller and simpler projects, as the methodology had been defined with the present knowledge and context many years ago and has never been revisited since.

Our solutions

We performed a diagnosis of the current situation and proposed a new Project Management methodology, updating the processes and tools and introducing a methodology customization matrix for each project (tailoring matrix).

The new customizable methodology included Agile, Waterfall and Hybrid approaches, as well as its configuration for each project and its integration with the organization’s context.

Value proposition

The differentiating element that multiplied the value obtained from this solution was clearly the customization matrix of each project’s methodology (tailoring matrix). This approach brought a huge efficiency increase in the Project Management Methodology for each project. With this innovation, the Teams felt and witnessed that the process consumed as much time as the project really needed, which also increased adherence to the methodology, which was now considered an asset to the organization.