The Quality Policy of Winning Lda. is a fundamental foundation of its vision, mission, and values. It seeks to ensure personalized management and adapted to the needs of its stakeholders: Employees, Customers, Partners, Partners, and Suppliers.

The fulfillment of our Quality Policy has allowed us to keep our commitments, to grow continuously in a healthy and sustained way, and to assert ourselves in the market as a reference in scientific project management consulting. 

Winning Lda. works with its clients, identifying the root cause of their problems through scientific management methodologies, adjusting their business model to create permanent and lasting competitive advantages. 

The Quality Policy aims to guide the organization towards the achievement of this goal, taking into consideration the satisfaction of all stakeholders, ensuring high levels of satisfaction. 

Winning Lda.’s commitment to meeting its requirements is in line with one of its main objectives which is to have all its stakeholders satisfied and with high levels of loyalty to the services. 


The policy guides and mobilizes the company in the constant search for continuous improvement and the effectiveness and efficiency of the Quality Management System to: 

  • Take a customer, partner, and supplier-oriented stance through a service tailored to their requirements that ensures the maintenance of levels of trust and joint growth and through compliance with the Code of Conduct for Customer Satisfaction and the Supplier Code of Conduct;
  • To provide innovative services, adapted to the needs of each client and all other stakeholders;
  • Ensure that all services add value for Customers, Employees, Partners, and Suppliers and guarantee a return on investment;
  • To ensure the return on investment and value of the company for its partners and founders;
  • Invest in its human resources to enhance their skills and professional development, ensuring a focus on the goals of the organization and the involvement and commitment of all its employees
  • Ensure the implementation of training activities that meet the defined objectives and allow the development of skills, increasingly sought after in the market of scientific consulting projects;
  • Ensure compliance with the applicable requirements, including legal, regulatory, and normative, in force within the organization.

The Quality Policy is the responsibility of the CEO and COO with the active support of all employees.