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Cutting through the noise

Regardless of the challenge, we apply scientific thinking and methodologies to solve our clients’ business problems: unique and unrepeatable intellectual challenges.


Problem-solving is at the heart of our consultancy approach. We cut through the noise to provide simple yet sophisticated solutions by:

Business Strategy

Corporate Strategy and Finance


Digital Transformation

Top-line growth

Cost Transformation

Operational Efficiencies

Supply Chain

Support Functions

Robot Process Automation

Zero Based Budget

Organization and Governance

Benefits Management and Business Case

Change Management

Project Management

Business Analysis


As digital takes place, technology stands at the forefront for internal productivity and customer engagement. We translate business into technology:

Custom solutions


Microsoft ecosystem

Power Platform

Power BI

Power Automate

Power Apps

Robot Process Automation

Continuous Delivery


Journey to the Cloud

Accounting and taxation

Financial and fiscal obligations can be seen as a burden, not with us: we help our clients remotely or at their sites.

Accounting recording and processing

Bank reconciliations

Document and archive management

Accounts monthly closing and preparation of financial statements

Tax and payment reporting obligations compliance

Mandatory tax returns preparation and submission

Tax payment slips to the customer sending

RFI templates completion (double taxation)

Transfer pricing files preparation

Annual closing of accounts and preparation of financial statements

Tax return preparation and submission

Issuance of invoices, agreements, and receipts to customers

Management of current accounts and control of outstanding amounts

Bank transactions recording

Treasury and needs/availability control

Registration of workers and communication to Social Security and Finance

Consulting and drafting employment contracts

Processing of salaries and issuance of salary receipts

Preparation of listings for bank transfers of salaries

Preparation of annual income statements

Account closing simulations

Preparation and submission of the single report

Incentives and grants

Incentives and grants are foundational to provide the financial means to promote growth, innovation, and sustainability. We help our clients in the process of identity, pursue and manage such funds.

Portugal 2020 and Portugal 2030

Recovery and Resilience Plan

Other grants, such as Horizon Europe, Interreg’s, EEAGrants, Portuguese Environmental Fund or PPEC 

Social grants, such as the ones provided by Portugal Social Innovation, La Caixa Foundation or Gulbenkian Foundation

Funding Project Management

Payments, Refunding and Change Requests   

Internal Funding Process Improvement

Status Reporting and Closing

Documentation Management

Funding Team Staffing and Extensions