Winning supports clients in responding to today’s most complex challenges: how to reinvent; innovate; act; react. Its differentiating capital lies in the way of action and delivery, which allows to develop an aggressive curiosity and analytical depth to create a robust process equipped with the ability to instantiate and concretely identify the root causes of the problem.

The service portfolio is delivered in 3 distinct ways, consulting services, professional training services, and specialized research and development services in the management areas.

The consultancy is based on organizational intervention projects, as well as on advisory, mentoring and coaching services, and in specific situations, it may include the staffing of the processes themselves when the complexity or lack of specialized staff is verified.

We were motivated by the need to certify our business and support processes, as well as by the increasingly pressing need to operate in international markets, with international clients. These clients, in most cases, demand these certifications from their partners. In the case of 10001, our constant focus on customer satisfaction was the main motivation to move forward with this certification. 

We recognized that we didn’t have the internal competencies needed to ensure an efficient certification process, meeting the aggressive timings goal we had – certification in 6 months. So we decided to turn to expert consulting support. We set up an internal team with a consultant (Rui Coimbra) dedicated 100% to the implementation of the project during these 6 months, accompanied by the Quality Manager (Luis Costa), dedicated about 20% to the implementation of the project and with a Sponsor (Sónia Jerónimo), the former COO (Chief Operational Officer) of Winning, with monitoring in weekly steering meetings.

There were some critical factors in choosing Vexillum. First, it was recommended by a certifying entity. Second, since the first meeting, there was a mutual empathy between Winning and the Vexillum people. Finally, they presented an economically competitive proposal and were very flexible in adapting the services to the needs.

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